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Trained doctors working with the nurses at Queens Road Surgery offer a range of light based cosmetic  treatments for rejuvenation of your skin. The state of the art Cynosure Icon IPL and Laser machine  performs a variety of functions efficiently and safely. Gift vouchers available.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

This advanced technology stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles, minimise pores, improve the look of old scars and acne, and improve overall skin  texture. With episodic facial laser rejuvenation you can maximise and enhance anti-ageing without  the need for needles or surgery.

IPL Pigment Reduction

Pigmented marks and lesions of face, hands or body are very common and can unfortunately get worse with ageing and years of sun exposure. These can be easily targeted by IPL technology. Assessment from our medical team will assess for skin cancer and ensure the suitability for treatment. Single lesions can be targeted, or whole fields such as hands or face can be treated at  once, even in combination with laser rejuvenation. Pigment such as freckles, age spots,  birthmarks and melasma can be reduced with this treatment.

IPL Vein & Vascular Lesion Reduction

Blood vessels in the skin can also be treated with IPL technology. This includes facial capillaries,  rosacea and facial flushing, cherry angiomas, haemangiomas and some leg veins.  Some conditions may need multiple treatments, and treatment outcomes can vary between  individuals. Please discuss your conditions and requests with our experienced doctors and  nurses.

3 For Me

The ultimate anti ageing treatment combining IPL pigment and vessel reduction and laser skin rejuvenation in one sitting. This will target the 3 main concerns of wrinkles, sun damage and blood vessels in a single therapy. Treatment time is up to 60 minutes. Spectacular results can be obtained from a series of one to three treatments.

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